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I think it was Mrs. Pleake, my 5th grade teacher, that convinced me I could be a writer of some sort. That’s where it started.

I don’t know what the final catalyst was, but it was right about that time that I figured out what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to do it.

Maybe it was watching Lou Grant, maybe it was Woodward and Bernstein,  maybe it was something else. But at that point, I decided I wanted to be a reporter, a newspaper reporter.

I had it all mapped out. I wanted to go to school in Boulder, at the University of Colorado, graduate, drive a Jeep CJ and work at  a newspaper. I even picked out the  paper.

I went to school in Boulder, but I never got that CJ. But I guess there’s still time.

But now  I’ll never work at that paper, the Rocky Mountain News.  Owners Scripps Howard announced, about 2 p.m. eastern time, that the Feb. 27 edition would be its last. The entire operation, 200 people, were finished. No number of Pulitzer prizes, awesome designs, great columnists, or amazing photographs could save their jobs.

The staff has promised to make their final edition a doozy, and I’ve already asked my Mom to grab me a copy or two.

The news sent shudders through newsrooms everywhere, and it was no different at mine. We were all shocked, w0ndering what 200 more highly skilled, trained journalists on the market would mean.

But it was the death of dream for me.

One more thing:

The Sun Journal has started running live blogs three times each week. Mondays will be reserved for opinion, columnists and the papers editorial board. Wednesday’s will be sports. And Fridays are set aside for news. We’ll focus on local issues, bring in folks in the news and let readers ask questions of our talented staff of writers.

We started running them this week and the two we’ve done so far have been well received.

The Newsroom kicks of Feb. 27 at noon eastern time with Crime Reporter Mark Laflamme, special projects  writer Lindsay Tice and myself.

If anyone’s interested, stop by the Sun Journal’s Live Blog link and say hi.

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