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Typing with gloves on

Last year, my son made a video me clearing the snow off of my sidewalks and my roof. I watched it the other day and one thing stood out. The piles of snow were well over my head.
So here we are again. A nice slurry mess has absolutely buried my sidewalks for the umpteenth time this season, just as it’s recovered all of the tracks my dog left in the backyard since the last storm. Once again, I have a doggy free backyard.
My back already hurts from the snow I’m going to have to shovel tommorow, but I don’t mind. The piles today are less than half what they were at the same time last year, so I’ve shoveled next to nothing so far.
Winter in Maine. I don’t mind. The only thing that I don’t like is that, between my freezing basement and my nearly as cold desk work, I don’t have a warm place to work on the computer.

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