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Us and them

I’ve been following and writing about local government for about 20 years, from little towns in Colorado to the Twin Cities in Maine. One thing has never changed, and that’s the governed.
People assume the government, their elected officials, are a big part of this ominous “them.” They seem to think that the minute a person sits on a board or a council or whatever, they become part of this big conspiracy aimed at turning everyone else’s life into mud.
The funniest part is watching it happen, when a true believer — a real governmental watchdog — gets elected and begins morphing into one of “them”. Their old friends and co-conspirators start shaking their heads and wondering when their pal got bought.
It’s kind of silly, from my point of view. Local government is still the purest form of government, as far as I’m concerned. The pay is lousy, the hours long and tedious and the rewards paltry. It doesn’t matter what they decide, some neighbor is bound to object.
And when they object, they’ll do it loudly and publicly — in church, the doctor’s office or the produce aisle at the supermarket.
These poor saps are least likely to be part of the global conspiracy. They get burned out fast and go back to doing whatever it is they did before they got involved in local government. Talk to them years later, and they never are the same.

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