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By any other name

My folks emailed me the other day,and the message came with it’s own little built in fantasy.

It seems the State of Colorado has put together a big database of forgotten bank accounts, orphaned damage deposits and errata. Thousands of forgotten dollars just waiting to be collected and spent.

“Maybe there might be a $500  in there, you know, accumulating interest,” my Dad said. “You never know.”

I think I would have noticed if I’d left $10 behind, not to mention  $500, but that wasn’t the issue.

See, my folks had checked already and run my name through the database. Sure enough, a good dozen or so Scott Taylor’s popped up — with forgotten money ranging from the $50s to the $500s.

Hoo Boy.

See, I love my name but Scott is one of the most common names for GenX males today. I have no idea what was going on back in the mid 1960s, but every third boy to come out of a hospital was named “Scott.”

I remember one time after college some girls I knew hosted a party. Turns out, it was a “Scott” party. They’d invited every guy named Scott they knew.  It was five giggling girls and 40 to 50 Scotts looking uncomfortable.

Including me.

Later, I figured out that the combination of Scott and Taylor is even more popular. I know of a Scott Taylor that’s  a Christian rock star, one that’s a marine biologist studying dolphins and another that’s a real estate agent in Florida. There’s an award-winning Canadian journalist that shares my name, as well as a porn star and a professional wrestler.

I’m currently following three other Scott Taylors on Twitter. Don’t ask me why.

One is a Karate instructor from Vermont, another is some sort of Los Angeles motivational speaker and the third is a guy from Denver.

He should probably check the Great Colorado Payback because I don’t think any of it is mine. I looked, and I didn’t recognize any of the Zipcodes listed. I’ve always been cheap and I pretty much hoovered up every penny that I had owed to me before I left the state.

Anyway, I think I’ll leave well enough alone and let another Scott Taylor collect the payday.

Besides, if the Maine State Treasurer’s office found out that I had money sitting someplace other than Maine, I think their feelings would get hurt.

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