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February 19

The Liberals only have themselves to blame, all the pie-eyed Obama lovers from 2008, for the current place they’re at politically.

Just to make sure we’re keeping score, we are a week away from a historic mid-term election that will shape the face of the country for the next two years. If the predictions hold out, Tea Party conservatives will toss a mess of liberal legislators out of office.

I received a mailing last week from the conservative Heartland Institute touting their new book, “The Patriot’s Toolbox.” It’s designed to give Tea Party activists all the ammo they need to help change the country.

But one sentence, on the back of the mailing caught my eye and has stuck in my head:

“On February 19, 2009, CNBC commenter Rick Santelli stood on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and called for a “new tea party” to protest out-of-control spending by politicians in Washington.”

So there you have it, the birthdate of the Tea Party movement: Feb. 19, 2009.

Go check your calendar. The Tea Party started one day short of a month after the new president was inaugurated. Basically, they gave Obama 30 days to fix the country before they started saying it wasn’t working, that he wasn’t working out.

Now, that’s not  a surprise. People that didn’t like Obama could never put the 2008 campaign aside. They’d never be supporters.  I guess I wished that they would have given him a bit of a chance, but what are you going to do?

But here’s where I blame the Libs:  Right about the same time the Tea Party folks first started gathering their teabags, the Liberals started agitating. He hadn’t closed Gitmo, legalized gay marriage, gotten U.S. troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany or dismantled Don’t Ask Don’t Tell yet. As that first year progressed, they complained louder.

Too many people had too great expectations, right or left. One group was convinced he was going to turn the country over to Sharia law and the other, that he was going to usher in a paradise.

But he hasn’t. We still live in pretty much the same country we had in February 2009. The economy still sucks and we are still a divided mess but we’ve managed to avoid a full-on depression. Things are no worse, and not much better, than they were then.

So he suffers, diminished by outrageous expectations. Has he been great? Not sure I’d go that far, but I don’t think anyone could have gotten much farther under the same circumstances.

That fact hasn’t gotten out, or it’s been ignored. The only narrative so far has been how raw everyone’s disappointment in Obama has been.

The thing is, I used to get mailing like the one for the Heartland Institute from the Right and the Left. Not only mailings, but emails, too. And when was the last time you saw a new Liberal bumper sticker?

One group stayed energized, the other let its disappointment fester.

So I blame his supporters, rabid in 2008 and disappointed today. Unrealistic on both ends.

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