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I knew a Chicago guy after college, living in the mountains of Colorado, who was always complaining about  how much it sucked compared to his beloved Windy City.

“Chicago has better restaurants,” he’d say.

“We have plenty of  great places to eat.”

“Sport,” he’d say. “Concerts.”

“Broncos, Nuggets,” I’d say. “Red Rocks Amphitheater.”

Finally, he’d cap his arguments with this: “Name one thing you can do in Colorado that you can’t find better examples of in Chicago.”

Ski, I’d say. Climb a 14,000 foot peak, I’d add. Ski in the morning, play 18-holes of golf in  the afternoon and go out drinking at night.

“No, I mean, beyond skiing and mountains and recreation. And having fun in general.”

And I’d usually respond  with this:  “If you miss Chicago so much, why aren’t you there? Why don’t you just go back?”

And he’d mutter into his beer.

I know, from an 11th grade philosophy and logic class that the argument “If you don’t like the country, just leave”  is considered to be a fallacy.  It’s a false dilemma or Hobson’s Choice.

Not only fallacious, but rude.  And still, I  cannot help myself.

I say, fallaciously or not, if you don’t like something then bug off. Go don’t like it somewhere else.

Don’t like the program on TV, the stories in the newspaper or way people do things? Then don’t watch, don’t read and don’t move there.

Lewiston gets a lot of that, especially on the paper’s comments section. Mention Lewiston in the story, and some ass is going to come back with slams about how miserable a city it is — crime ridden,  disgusting and sad the plae.

A peek at the commenters’ secret identities shows that half don’t even live in Maine. They inhabit some sad, drab place in some other state where the most exciting thing they can do is to sit in their basement and throw barbs on a local newspapers’ website.

But to the half that log on locally, I say, what’s your problem? If you hate it so much, why don’t you move some place better?

I hear Chicago’s wonderful.


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  1. Miss Merlene said:

    very good….love this, and remember it well.

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