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I took a decent ration of crap Monday night from a couple of City Councilors for having information before they did.

Last week, I called up the Auburn City Manager and asked him how the budget cutting was going. He told me, and I wrote it down.

That’s it.

That made a couple of councilors angry because they had to read that update along with everyone else. The manager didn’t hang up the phone with me and immediately call the councilors to tell them what he said. Another missed the story in the paper, but complained because he had to hear about it a day later from a parent at one of his kid’s baseball games.

The thing is, the manager was just a being friendly, open to the public and answering simple questions. Government, at least local government, runs on this kind of thing.

He’d have been more than happy to give either of those councilors the same story if they’d ask. They didn’t, I did and they had to read about it along with the rest of the city.

Boo hoo.

The thing is, it matters. The next time I call the manager up and ask him a simple question he’s going to think twice before he answers. Maybe, he won’t answer at all — and the rest of the city won’t have that information.

Then, the councilors can sit around and talk about how they want to make government more open and accommodating to the public.


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  1. Miss Merlene said:

    Crap all around for you today…;) Transparency and openness is government is what we all really, really want. Unless, of course, it trespasses on what our thought processes are/have been. It’s like precedent for judges: all good until you meet a precedent you don’t like. Or transparency you don’t want to see through.

    Good post.

  2. Sweet post. The final line says it all.

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