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The sure thing

I knew one guy who came close to having a sure thing.

He was the original publisher of the Vail Daily, and he started it as a photocopied sheet of paper with a cool logo and an ad for McDonald’s. That was 1978, and 16 years later he sold it for six, maybe seven figures.

He always had an cool air about him, a man that knew what he was doing and had the success to prove it.

But looking back, success was no given. His paper had plenty of opportunities to fail spectacularly but just didn’t, somehow. He lost friendships over time because of it and basically worked his ass off to get there. Wiser men, had he approached them with his Xeroxed masthead, would have warned him off.

Has anyone every had a sure thing, I mean really? A lock, beginning to end? I’d love to hear about it.  I’ve never heard a single person grab that easy money without any risk or recourse.

It’s a phantasm, swamp gas that people want to believe in, especially when it comes to their government.

I think the people we elect sometimes get this cloud in their eyes. Maybe it comes from being dazzled by their own luck at getting elected, but they start to act like anything is possible. They begin hunting for a magic bullet that’s going to solve everyone’s ills all in a piece.

That’s not a problem on its face. I like pie-in-the-sky thinking, and I’m convinced government needs more of it. But at some point the optimism sours and the search for the sure thing goes dark. Any little idea is going to be strangled in the crib because it’s not quite perfect. If if doesn’t solve everything, it won’t get a chance to solve anything.

Throw in a few egos and some hurt feelings and y0u’ve got yourself a nice pot of government gridlock.

I sit in the audience at most City Council meetings watching these politicians demand full-proof answers to problems that haven’t been clearly defined. When they’re not getting it, they’re getting mad.

For any solution suggested, they look at the flaws more than anything else. Rather than grab something that might just work, they’re looking for the end all, be-all of government policy, the 9-ball in the corner pocket that’s going to solve all of their problems.

They’re not getting it. it’s not there, and it seems like it’s pissing them off.


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  1. Miss Merlene said:

    the two, plus one, = sure thing.

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