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Indulge me, for a moment

I get tired of writing about writing. It’s a spiral staircase of navel-gazing and it’s frequently boring. But it’s so much a part of what I do every day,  I can’t help thinking about it.

So let me get this out of the way. I’ll be quick. Honest.

First, I am always surprised about the depth and breadth of Twitter-hate out there. By god, I love Twitter. It’s a bunch of different things to me: Instant headlines, odd thoughts, conversation starters, useful information and meaningless drivel about people I know and people I don’t. It comes in a steady flow of information, but doesn’t take long to think about and usually always drives me to more information if I want it.

So shut up.

Second, people on both sides arguing about the death of newspapers are kind of missing the point.

Simply, newspapers have always been good sources of income. That’s changed, and papers that have ridiculous amounts of debt are going to fail — just like any other debt-saddled business would. If anyone’s going to escape this mess, it’s going to be ones with solid business plans.

Who are they? I don’t know, but I think we’ll find out shortly.

No matter, the business of newsgathering will go on — and I do mean “business.” People will be willing to pay other people to sit through public meetings,  sort through various documents and speak with all varieties of unsavory characters to find out what’s going on.

So, there is going to plenty of work for professional newsgatherers, online and otherwise. I’m looking forward to a future with professional reporters and citizen journalists. That’s the best of both worlds.


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  1. Miss Merlene said:

    You were quick! I wonder if people actually know that the news paper business has been profitable until now. It never occured to me and I am pretty smart about that stuff….

    That said, good point on the meeting sitting. Few people actually want to do that, and regardless of the current hyper activity, people do want to be reliably informed on the day’s happenings. Most people, that is!

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