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Stroke that ego

It’s really no surprise that politicians have big egos.
Consider the candidate running for office — any office, from town selectman all the way up. You need to be secure enough in your self image to imagine that a a majority of people in your selected geographic area will pick you above anyone else.
Anyone else.
It’s true in high school elections, it’s true state races, it’s true in presidential elections. Wimps, wusses and the meek need not apply.
So, it’s a real surprise when such a candidate gets herself elected; one with low self esteem, and an almost negligible ego.
It happened almost two years ago here in Lewiston. A candidate was inspired by a single issue. She spoke out against it, fought for it and made some friends around it. They convinced her she could do good work as a City Councilor and helped her get elected. She won the seat by a healthy margin.
Then she turned around, shocked and basically said: Now what?
She should be ideal, an official not trying to insert her own desires to win into every issue.
The thing is, however, that councilors without ego are not all that effective. Just as you need a healthy sense of your own awesomeness to get elected, you need that same feeling of pure invincibility to ram your policies through. Remember, other folks that got themselves elected have just as great a sense of their own righteousness. If you give them an inch, they’ll assume they deserve it — and the entire yard you didn’t intend to give.
In the end, you wind up hurt, offended, traumatized. You end up walking out of City Council meetings in a snit. And all of your good intentions walk right out the door with you.
Remember: Good government doesn’t get done storming out the door.

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