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Volume speaks volumes

I’m not quiet.
That’s been a fact of my life since I’ve been able to draw breath, and it’s caused trouble for teachers, co-workers, lecturers and priests during mass.
But this week, right now, I find myself darn close to speechless. I squeak when I used to shout, cough when I should laugh and have a gravelly growl.
I hate colds. My stupid head cold has migrated into my chest taking my robust and cheerful voice with it.
I’m sure that’s a disapointment to everyone around me. My coworker’s don’t have to listen to my wit, my son can forego my sage advice and my dog can caper in the backyard forever, ignoring my commands to come in like I was a barking squirrel.
I’m trying to inhabit the world of gestures now, making do with sage nods of the head, raised eyebrows. Most of the time, all I muster is the shrugged shoulders.


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  1. Yeah, well I’m like a stereo with a busted speaker when you’re not there to balance out the sound. Get well soon, goddamit.

  2. Miss Merlene said:

    So that is why the habitrails for the dog are getting more numerous…more time to cavort!

    It will all go away. It always does. As long as the suda-rant is resting until the next cold, we are good.

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