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Newsweek & Lewiston redux

I’ve been real curious to get this week’s Newsweek, to see what kind of reaction they got from their “The Refugees that Saved Lewiston” article in the Jan. 26 edition.
The article inspired hundreds of comments on their Web site from Mainers who informed them they’d kind of missed the boat. I figured the story probably inspired a letter or two. Guess I was wrong.
The Feb. 9 edition, on newstands and in mailboxes now, didn’t carry a single critical letter, just two praising the magazine’s other stories and a third, letterboxed, that praised our new president and his ability to close cultural divides.
Guess I can’t blame them. They probably get hundreds of letters and it’s easy to dismiss the critical ones as cranky fools. Besides, it’s easier to dismiss a little place like Lewiston.

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