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Everyone needs a hobby

So I already spend much of my time reading reports and lease agreements, budgets and what not — texty, multiple paged things that contain lots of information. Long, tedious but ulitimately important stuff to read.
Now I’ve been told I need to read this Vanity Fair article that pretty much enumerates the Bush administration’s “sins” over the last eight years. Printed, it comes out to like 14 sheets of letter-sized paper. That’s a lot of reading.
Maybe this is part of the effort to shape the man’s legacy, for better or worse. But it’s not going to change much of anything. People that liked the man are going to continue to sing his praises, no matter what Vanity Fair says.
I’ve already skimmed as much of the article as I can and found no surprises. Like everyone else, I know what I think, and I don’t need to confirm any more. He’s gone, you know? What more can you say?


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  1. Miss Merlene said:

    I don’t think that the point of the article was to attempt to buff the Bush legacy. It was to let the players speak to the times they lived through, whether a Bushie or not. I thought it fascinating when the young man who was the head of the faith-based initiatives said that most of the cabinet “rolled their eyes” whenever James Dobson was on the line demanding something. Even Ari Fleischer sounded less than thrilled with the outcome of the past 8 years. Or at least not overjoyed!

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