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Talk ain’t cheap

The big kerfluffle in Lewiston-Auburn this week is the sad fate of joint services. One part of the Twin Cities, Auburn, said Monday they were done with commissions studying how they can save money by sharing jobs, services and what have you with Lewiston.
Depending on who you talk to, this was either a huge mistake and egotistic politics at its very worst or it was about damn time. Various groups have been talking about how to make this happen for the last seven years, writing reports and tallying savings. They’ve all had good ideas that would have added up to real money over a period of several years. But so far, it’s been all talk.
When the latest group finished their report, Auburn’s leaders said thank you and showed them the door. Frankly, a few of the folks sitting in the chairs in Lewiston’s council chambers were ready to do the very same thing. They’re pretty glad this week that Auburn took the bullet.
Realistically, I don’t think there was ever political will to combine the cities. When the previous mayors started the latest round, not one councilor liked it. And I don’t think most residents support it, either. If put to a referendum of Twin Cities voters, I think it would fail. Might be close, but no dice.
So it comes down to the studies. I don’t have a problem with continuing the studies if that’s what they want to do. But without that political will, it’s just another pile of papers. It’s just talk, and at this point, the cities can do that on their own.


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  1. Miss Merlene said:

    I think that you are correct in your assessment that the two cities will not join. If for no other reason, all the memas will not know where to go on the other side of the river!

    That said, I think that the council should have eased into it a little better, as in, maybe we should disband…what do you in Lewiston think? Of course, they can’t make up their minds on anything else together. It might have been inevitable.

  2. I have absolutely no intelligent response to this. Just checking out the comment function here. Looks good. None of that lame Blogger crap, with its tedious login and captcha crap. Great looking site.

    I always thought the two cities would ultimately combine and call the bastard child Lewiston 2.0 or something. It’s happening here! Or possibly over there!

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